Ome Application Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is Ome TV connected to Omegle?

It can be mixed with platforms such as Omegle. However, Ome TV is in no way linked to Omegle or similar applications. Ome TV aims to make video chat faster and more secure.

Is it really free?

Video chat with this app is completely free. Since the application does not receive any ads, you can safely chat without annoying pop-up ads.

How reliable is privacy?

Ome APP is an anonymous chat. Unlike most random chat platforms, you won’t be asked for your name, Facebook account, phone number or email address in the application. This will keep your personal information safe.

What should we pay attention to when using the application?

The chat rules must be read before using this APP. Standard chat rules should not be called, and time should be taken to read the rules. After all, you will talk to someone you don’t know, and this person is a stranger to you. Be sure to report this in order not to be a victim when the other party violates the rules. So someone who bothers you can never bother you and others again.

Why do I need to specify gender?

The application is a video chat platform where boys want girls and girls want to meet boys. By specifying your own gender, you can reach the person you want to meet more easily. Your selection is not visible to other users, but the people you encounter in your searches are determined by the gender you select.

Is it possible to meet and talk to a famous YouTuber, as in Omegle?

Ome’s popularity is increasing day by day. So many YouTuber have already started using Ome TV. The more time you spend in the app, the more likely you are to meet a local star or a famous YouTuber.

What is the best time to go online and find new people?

In fact you can find online users around the clock. However, more users are active during night hours and holidays, when people do not work. Especially Friday nights and weekends are times when the users of the application can meet more easily.

What should I do if I encounter someone's disturbing behavior during a video chat?

If you encounter someone who doesn’t comply with the chat rules and annoys you, please use the report button. Ome moderators track all complaints and remove people from inappropriate behavior.

How can I communicate with a foreigner from another country if I cannot speak the language?

When you enable text message translation in the video chat settings, you can chat with people from countries where you cannot speak the language. Each word you type in the chat window is translated into the other person’s language. Therefore there is no way of language barrier for its users.

Can I chat with the same person again if I lose my connection?

History chats are not saved because the application is an anonymous chat platform. Since your conversations and text messages are not stored when you are disconnected, the only way to chat with the same person is to hope that the other person will try to find you.

What should I do to be liked by people I'm chatting with?

Don’t hide your face. Be polite and respectful while chatting. Don’t forget to smile. Nobody wants to spend time with a dour face.