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Comeet is a modern application ( Video chat , online Chat , Omegle AlternativeRandom chat ) tracking and recruitment system used by companies around the world.

Comeet offers a common cloud recruiting platform that allows you to feel like user-friendly consumer software. It offers structured and organized processes to help companies get better hiring and faster. For this, Comeet was recognized for the design of its product in 2015, receiving the UX award (“Uxie için”) for its excellent user experience.

Coomet requires very little to learn. Since it is very easy to use, the system has a very high level of attendance, not a member of HR, for each member recruited and unites the platform not only in theory but also in practice.

All Must Be Close To Cooperation

The path to progress was clear; Bring together recruiting companies, teams, candidates and resources together, make collaboration possible, encourage and prioritize performance. From this insight “we can definitely increase the set,” Coomeet was released.

25-30% of employees are hired, why – and yet – too many hiring systems designed specifically for hiring? He was the head janitor. Comeet not only for the tables, but also for the world where cooperation takes place between continents.

Recruitment is reduced to individual tasks assigned to specific recruitment partners. No one ever wonders what to do next and where to start. The latest user-oriented design theories have influenced the way we first created Comeet.

Flexible System

Facilitating the implementation of tasks requiring human resources, we have introduced intelligent automation of tasks across the entire spectrum of resources used. Comeet is a flexible system that is ideal for our rapidly developing world.

ATS helps you manage your resume, but why did you stop at this? We have combined everything you need to quickly create a resume management, pool of candidates and transfer it to your new teammate.

If the pre-configured reports do not answer your questions, it is easy to customize the output. Change any information (such as time, source, section, and location) to view any type of information so that you can compare the content of your analytical heart and create a contrast.

Sisense-based platform for custom dashboards and enterprise-class reports. Business intelligence is an easy way for your employees to be as detailed as they need it.

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